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Free Services and Posting

Why would we offer our work and Posting for no charge?
First, it is typically expected to be able to pot information, goods for sale, messages, and media for free except for special platforms. So even though we feel that free posting is only sustainable with advertising or subscription revenues, people generally are ok with that. And we are ok with only accepting money when you make money and if you dont enjoy revenues then we dont feel that we shoud expect any either. In terms of our Wed development work we will provide free services rather than offer up free website templates and a do it yourself concept which ends up costing you money when you relize that to do anything you need or want the free template doent include it. So we have found that we are almost expected to work for free a lot of the time anyways due to the misunderstanding of how the services we provide are completed what things are important for leads to be converted to sales online for any business not a major brand name or any business providing serices locally.

At no fault of the client there is a misguided aim they possess to create the perfect logo, a website that blows everyone away, and to do it with 2 clicks ... for free prioritizing cheapesr deal on the domain name possible - so you can save 10 bucks. Often way too much time is spent on creating the perfect marketing and website. In some cases that is important but for people who want to operate their own business it is not. he website and mareting are only small parts of the machine. We could tell you that you need the best website and charge $1000 to $7000 for the best website that is everything you ever wanted. That would make us money but it is not what you need.

This approach wastes prescious time and usually focuses on the development of the profile and the offer and the presentation to clients. This has no value to potential customers, no value to our clients and decreases our efficiency and effectiveness. The perfect logo, a mind blowing webbsite, choice of colours, words, and domain names do not matter. at least not to your customer.

We can ascertain what the client needs before they usually do we just don't get paid enough to let you waste your time ... and ours too. In terms of establishing prospects or converting them to sales, we have found that clients will toil over way too many details or invest more than needed time into design and webpage gorgeousness. It just doesnt have a return on investmenet for us nor the client. Simply, lert us do what we do best and we won't bill you. We either bring you leads or we don't expect payment. But if we bring you leads we help you convert them and then we expect to be compensated once you are via sales of goods or services.

Nothing is for FREE!

Successful Propietors advise:
Make a sale!
Spend time making a sale and not dreaming the perfect webpage and logo! Your focus should be on your features and your benefits and how you will make the sale today.

Seasoned Online Merchants will tell you:
This is not print!
You don't need to have it all perfect now. Every single thing in your online marketing can change and should change over time as you develop your approach, your niche.